Sunday, January 08, 2006

Welcome Sabine :)

Today Sabine Cretella became a new user on the English Wikipedia. She was welcomed by TheRingess. Many people are really happy when they are welcomed. It is a reason many people give why they stayed with our project.

When we are going to have single login, people will know that Sabine is not a newby. So what will happen when you are new to a project, would that mean that when you are new to the project you will not be welcommed ?? Sabine and I found it funny that she was welcomed then again it is the charm of our project that you are welcomed.. What is funny is this..



Dvortygirl said...

While we're at it, could we have some mechanism to show new users of a particular wiki? I welcome them when I can, but I don't always see them when they start. Welcome templates also tend to contain useful links to help pages.

Polyglot's welcome is a large part of the reason I stayed on with Wiktionary, initially, and I think it would be a good idea to welcome people to each new wiki as much as possible.

Personally, I'd like one single login, so that I don't have to create an account just to fix a typo or ask a question somewhere, but one drawback is that some users do localize their nicknames. For instance, Muke edits as Myces on the Latin Wiktionary.

Erik Moeller said...

dvortygirl, there should already be a new user log in all Wikimedia wikis. You can use this to send people welcome messages.