Monday, January 16, 2006

What to write about ..

With the new WiktionaryZ blog, topics about WiktionaryZ will go there. There are many topics that I have been writing about that are not directly related to WiktionaryZ. These are topics like IEEE-LOM, fundraising, Wikidata, how I think we can improve Wikimedia projects..


Yesterday Amgine wrote an “Advertising proposal. The idea is that we can advertise the services that the Wikimedia Foundation provides. Essential for good advertising and marketing is that you target your audience. With such an attitude comes the focus that would improve our content. The advertising would be done using an advertising server; the many people that have their own wiki, their own blog, could include advertisements from this server.


The Functionality that was originally conceived for Wikidata will end up in Mediawiki it self; this is both a blessing and a curse. The great thing is that it does signal that much of the functionality that we conceived is indeed relevant and it will bring functionality to all the wikis that use Mediawiki. The drawback is that it has implications for the design. It does complicate things at this stage, but on the other hand when we have a great instead of a good design from the start, the extra time and effort needed now may pay itself back in the long run.


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