Wednesday, January 07, 2009

A tale of two cities

There are two photographers that I know. One let us call him David and the other let us call him Mardetanha. Both have a camera, both use Internet and both make important contributions to the Wikimedia Foundation. David lives in the USA and Mardetanha in Iran. There are many differences, broad band vs dial up, great pictures of all USA landmarks versus not that much. An income that allows for some travelling versus not very much at all.

Mardetanha has some 5 Gb of digital images that he wants to upload. This would take forever on his connection Given the cost, he prefers to wait until a CD is filled with some 10 Gb and send it to someone in the USA to upload it for him

David has a fine reputation as a photographer, Mardetanha has to work much harder for other people to be even aware that his work exists. Wikipedia needs his work; more illustrations will provide better information about Iran. Not only for people in Iran but for people in the whole world.
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