Thursday, January 01, 2009

Prosit Neu Jahr

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The great news about fund-raisers is that they come to an end. For me the goal of six million was reached in the first morning of the year.. I woke up and, it was done. At the same time the WMF office was still in 2008. So arguably the result is very much a 2008 event..

It is quite clear that Jimmy's appeal made all the difference. Well actually, given the numbers, it is impossible to ignore the importance of his personal appeal. Jimmy is important to our visibility and it has again been proven what vital role he plays in getting our message out.

I am sure we will continue to support Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a rich resource and it deserves our continued support. A more beautiful gift of reaching our fund appeal at the start of the new year we could not have.. I wish us all the best 2009 we can have...

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