Thursday, April 30, 2009

Je maintiendrai

Today was "Koninginnedag". It is a national holiday in the Netherlands. Today a crazy guy tried to drive his car through a crowd to crash into the open bus that drove our royal family. Four people died.

Our Koninginnedag is a celebration, our queen goes out to meet people in their cities and villages. People celebrate this day everywhere.

What happened today is horrible. But what would be worse is when this kind of crazyness makes it impossible to celebrate Koninginnedag in our traditional way.

Queen Beatrix is loved by the Dutch population, this sad affair makes it almost an act of bravery for her to go out in the future. What I hope for is that we will decide that we cannot be held hostage to this kind of terror. We should not allow terror to dictate our ways. I hope that Koninginnedag will be the traditional Koninginnedag we cherish.
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