Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Approaches to mass digitisation in the Netherlands

I found this presentation on SlideShare by Paul Keller about mass digitisation in the Netherlands.  I want us  to cooperate with museums, libraries and archives, I want much of their material to be available on Commons. I love the idea that the cultural heritage of the Netherlands is digitised; it is one of the best ways of insuring that something is left when a disaster strikes.
My problem with the project presented by Paul is that it does not state what license will be used for the material that is digitised. This may be on purpose and I expect that it is, but the consequence is that nobody outside a narrow band of people can safely use it as a result. It may be that the CC-by-nc-sa is to be used, but as it does not say so explicitly it would be not safe for use by anyone. Wikipedia would not touch it because of the restriction imposed for the "non commercial" part.

PS it would make sense for all this digitised material to be stored somewhere high and dry ... above sea level :)

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paul said...

i totally agree that any ressources that will become under such digitization efforts should be made available under a liceense that allows re-use by third parties. there is no information about the licensing terms in this presentation because third party licensing has not been discussed yet.