Friday, May 22, 2009

Update on LocalisationUpdate

When you are testing something nice like the LocalisationUpdate extension like I do at the moment, you have the priviledge to follow its development. A lot of changes happened since it first materialised in Subversion; so much in fact that it may be cheaper to rewrite the code with the lessons learned in mind. It is not much code..

So what happened already;
  • currently there is an internationalisation file
  • the performance has improved a lot
  • it just works.
While there is still a need for code clean-up, it also works quite sweetly. The latest test run just reported that it had updated 2296 messages. For comparison the MediaWiki core currently has some 2275 messages..
Our expectation is that with a timely update of the localisation more people will help out with this necessary work. There are some bets going about what its impact will be. I have heard numbers as different as 5% and 40% more messages half a year after the implementation on the MediaWiki projects.

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Donna said...

Just stopped by as your mother and I were talking about our childrens Blog's. Donna