Monday, July 20, 2009

An interview at the Tropenmuseum

Wiki loves Art/NL has been a success; many more museums opened their doors then we expected and to top it off, museums joined after the official start. There were several official meetings, there were workshops, excursions and there were passes for the museums that partnered in Wiki loves Art/NL,

Good relations with GLAM, galleries, libraries, archives and museums are important when you want to provide everyone with all encyclopaedic information. In the GLAM the data sources referred to in our citations can be found. Images to illustrate our articles are available with the annotations that help us understand what it is that we see. We need good relations with GLAM from all over the world because our cultural heritage that we describe is distributed globally.

Wiki loves Art /NL was inspired by the first Wikipedia loves Art project and its organisers were grateful to learn what worked and what did not. In Australia a whole conference will be dedicated on how GLAM can partner with the projects of the Wikimedia Foundation. They in turn want to learn about the experience of a GLAM in the Netherlands and it is the Tropenmuseum that has been asked for an interview.

I have never been involved in the organisational side of interviews and it is for this reason that I am happy to observe. Obviously the result will be first seen at the conference but with a bit of luck it will become generally available at a later date maybe even with subtitles

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