Monday, July 20, 2009

Tropenmuseum is blocked

The Tropenmuseum is preparing to upload images to our projects. In anticipation of this we have created a userprofile on the Dutch Wikipedia called "Tropenmuseum". This user is currently blocked.

The Tropenmuseum wants to be able to to upload the images under its own name. It wants to answer any issues. I think this is quite reasonable.


Eia said...

You could also just have asked the community directly of course :) Or contacted the helpdesk team...

Eia said...

And the account has been unblocked for now, awaiting further discussion. You can follow it at

GerardM said...

Thank you Effeietsanders :)

Susanne said...

Good the see the discussion.

fyi I work at the Tropenmuseum and I will be using the Tropenmuseum account on Wikipedia.