Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy birthday Valerie

Some people are special, one such is Valerie. When she has her birthday, people make cards for her like Stefan Wöhrmann did this nicely.

Valerie is a person that makes a difference; she is and has been the inspiration behind SignWriting, the script that allows any sign language to be written. We hope for an American Sign Language Wikipedia and / or a SignWriting lab project in the near future ...

Valerie, proficiat

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Amikeco said...

What a terrible bunch of ignorant comments is there in the discussion of ASL wikipedia! Looks so racist, in fact...

Dankon, ke vi zorgas pri ĉiuj lingvoj kaj havas sufiĉe vastan scion pri la lingva diverseco por rebati diskriminaciigajn ideojn pri alilingvanoj.