Friday, February 05, 2010

#Wikia localisations are doing well at #translatewiki

The localisation of the Wikia extensions is doing well; a start has been made for many languages. Thirteen languages are now supported for more then 50% of the messages.

The Wikia extensions can now all be localised at and the software at Wikia has been updated with both improvements to the internationalisation and with the many localisations.

The people at Wikia and worked hard to get everything working properly. The next step for Wikia will be to implement the LocalisationUpdate extension. They will hopefully do this in their next development cycle.. This will not only make the Wikia extension messages available but also the MediaWiki core messages.

Lately the localisation for languages like Singalese, Urdu, Hausa and Igbo have started or improved considerably and it will be great when people can start their Wikis in these languages at Wikia.

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