Monday, August 29, 2011

The #Dutch in #Bangladesh

When you study the history of Bangladesh, sources can be found as far afield as the Netherlands. With source texts in Dutch, handwritten and in old Dutch at that it is hard to piece together the background of historical artefacts as the old silk factory in Boro Kuthi.

Historical Boro Kuthi, former Dutch Silk Factory
Boro Kuthi will become a heritage site and the Rajshahi City Cooperation asked its people to provide information documents of the sites historic importance. As many of the documents can be found it the Netherlands, there is a call for volunteers to transcribe and translate the original documents.

It is quite an interesting project: Dutch archivists are volunteering their time and they seek people to transcribe the old Dutch and modernise it, translate it into English and even Bangla. This is the kind of project that would make sense as a Wikimedia GLAM project as well.
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