Saturday, August 27, 2011

#Wikimedia #Incubator improvements

The URL may be a bit cryptic: but it will show you the screen below.

The last two parts of the URL together indicate if a project exists in a particular language either as a full project or as a project on the Incubator. As you can imagine, a little tool that helps establish the status for a (potential) wiki would be nice.

As some ideas are obvious, it is good to know that SPQRobin is already working on just that. Robin is continually tweaking the Incubator and the result has been that it is easier to start new projects.

When you have ideas to improve the incubator even more, please let him know.

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janny said...

A logo design competition ran in 2006. The resulting logo (right) by the user NielsF was challenged by the board for being too similar to the Wikimedia logo, thus in violation of the Wikimedia Visual Identity Policy. However it was decided not to change it against the will of the community, but to make sure that future vote were handled more closely.