Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why #Wikibooks or #Wikisource

When classic literary works  like Khosrow and Shirin (Persian: خسرو و شیرین) are read from a library, when they are bought in a book store, you expect a faithful copy of the original. Sadly there are always people who insist for their own good reasons that the original classic is not appropriate.

The notion of a woman observed while bathing is timeless, there are many stories from many cultures. When people are intent to rewrite history, they cut of parts of classical statues, they blow up statues, they remove parts of a book.

Including classical works like Khosrow and Shirin in Wikibooks is an appropriate answer to the cultural destruction preached by some. Referring to the original text in our projects and including illustrations in the text should be our answer to a censor.
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