Monday, March 17, 2014

Catalogue of paintings in the #Louvre Museum

#Wikipedia has an article by that name. It is the result of a lot of work based on the catalogue of paintings of the Louvre done by Jane. Her aim was to have a list with all its painters. She published it as an article on the English language Wikipedia. It has its Wikidata item and from the Reasonator page, you can get to its "concept cloud".

This concept cloud shows all the painters on the list that have a Wikipedia article AND have a Wikidata item. The list does contain red links and the painters may exist in Wikidata. For instance a Russian painter may have an article in Russian, a Dutch painter an articles in Dutch.

When Jane works on her painters, she knows them by her "JaneID". One random painter is Jules Robert Auguste. He is known by seven identifiers already, one of them is the Wikidata identifier.

When all the painters Jane knows have a Wikidata identifier, she does not need to maintain her own identifier any more. When someone adds data to a painter in Wikidata, the information about him or her will become richer for everybody. All it takes is to add a Wikidata item. When a painter has its work in the Louvre, he or she is notable by default. I suppose that any painter Jane considers notable is notable because he or she is part of a Wikimedia project.

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