Friday, March 14, 2014

#Wikidata - #Cambridge revisited

When you are interested in #maps, it helps that Wikidata includes more and more geo-coordinates. So yes, you can put Cambridge on a map. This is old news, but somewhere hidden in the documentation of WDQ, it says that you can query for all items that are within a specific radius (in km) from a given coordinate.

When you apply this to Cambridge, the API result can be found here. The query definition can be used to produce an AutoList but you may also be interested in adding a missing image.

For me these tools and Wikidata is where we are "getting a job done". The job is being able to share the sum of all knowledge with our public. Wikipedia is great as far as it goes. Wikidata has the potential to inform in any language about any subject whether there is an article or not. It is becoming less of a potential as more data becomes available because Wikidata is increasingly potent.

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