Friday, March 28, 2014

#DBpedia & #Wikidata - Gerarda Rueter, a Dutch sculptor

At the Dutch #Wikimedia chapter, we had a talk with the Dutch DBpedia chapter. We want to cooperate and there are multiple things that we can do. DBpedia is excellent in harvesting information from Wikipedia. The Dutch DBpedia harvests from the Dutch Wikipedia.

For one of the first DBpedia projects, we want to set a repeatable example. It should be easy and the benefits need to be obvious. Mrs Gerarda Rueter typifies what we hope to achieve. We only knew that she was a sculptor and all the other information on the page was added by hand later. What we did was identify her as a human and as a female. We added the date and place of both her birth and death. We added her father. For him and Mrs Rueter's siblings, we added spouses when known.

When you present the data using Reasonator, relevant information becomes visible. What can be considered is that names are spelled the same in many languages. That however is probably for a next round when nationalities are included.

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