Friday, March 07, 2014

#Wikimedia #Deutschland is not an "instance of" "list of Wikimedia chapters"

Wikimedia chapters are notable. Consequently several of them have articles and therefore Wikidata items exist. Above you see how Reasonator presents the data for Wikimedia Deutschland. You may also notice that it is a "list of Wikimedia chapters".

This is due to a peculiarity in Wikipedia; there is no article that describes "Wikimedia chapter", there is only an article that lists them all. It is a pattern that is repeated all over for many topics.

Wikidata prefers to have a "subclass" for a subject. Lists are ... multiple instances of such an subclass. The problem is that many Wikipedias expect that the item they refer to has relevant statements. Statements that can be expected on a subclass.

The solution may be controversial but Wikidata does no longer consider that when an article says "List of ..." it should be part of an item that has "instance of" "Wikimedia list article". That is reserved for instances where a Wikipedia has both an article for the subclass and a separate list article.

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