Friday, January 09, 2015

Two #muslims died in France.. Hundreds died in #Nigeria, many more are terrorised world wide

Two muslims, one of them a police officer and one of them an employee of Charlie Hebdo died in an act of terrorism in France. After this major incident by a few deranged men the almost universal mistake is made that these perpetrators represent Islam. They do not.

In Nigeria hundreds of people have been killed by extremists that call themselves Boko Haram. Rumours have it that there may have been thousands of people who died. Apparently this is not a major incident. How can it be when you judge it by the amount of attention it gets. These Boko Haram pretend to represent Islam. They do not.

In the mean time in Amsterdam, men and women going home from work were abused, threatened, even terrorised. Abused, threatened and terrorised by people who pretend to represent western civilisation. I prefer to pretend that they do not. You can read all about this and similar incidents on Facebook and in the history books.

People persist in the mistake that terrorists represent Islam. They persist while they have been invited to learn more about what Islam is really about. It is ever so easy to learn Islam. So many muslims live in every country that it is impossible not to find a local face, a local voice that speaks for an Islam that is starkly different from the travesty called Islam by terrorists.

When you consider Wikipedia its information is not nearly enough to learn the true diversity that is in Islam, its past and its present. It is at times like this that this lack of information is damaging us all.
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