Thursday, January 01, 2015

#2015 - A new year, more #deaths

Death, like taxes, cannot be avoided. Currently #Wikidata knows about 12211 deaths for 2014. At least two people are already known to have died in 2015. As you can see in the screen shot, The ToolScript needed one more category for it to function for 2015.

I  documented many of the deaths of 2014. Currently there are 565 known deaths left to do. It leaves me with an issue. Will I continue documenting the deaths of 2014, or will I move on to the new year..
  • One big group of people in there are Ukrainians who were killed in the war that is raging there. You will not find the Russians, the fact that they are mortal there is apparently a state secret. 
  • You will not find many people from the Netherlands, they do not categorize those who died and consequently both them and us miss many people who died.. There must be an applicable policy for that <BIG GRIN>
  • You will find many people notable in languages or scripts that I do not easily read. Registering these people is important because that is essential for the diversity that is so important to Wikidata
I expect that I will move over to 2015 if only because it results in Wikidata knowing about the death of notable people days even weeks before the BBC reports their death.
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