Wednesday, December 07, 2016

A Pandya King did not rule #India

The Pandyan Kingdom existed for some fourteen centuries; for many of the kings not much is known; A template contains much of what is known about them; not much.

Arguably; having this information in Wikidata serves a purpose. The information can be curated by people who know about the Pandyan kings and there are several things that they could do.
  • Some of the names of kings seem to be incorrect, certainly inconsistent.
  • The names of these kings can be added in the original language
  • Dates may be added to the period these kings were king
  • The data can be used in one of the other Wikipedias that are relevant in India.
One funny fact is that for all these kings it is impossible to have been a citizen of India. They were citizens of the Panyan kingdom. Many of such facts were added by bot and, it reflects factoids that exist in Wikipedias. It is just wrong.

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