Tuesday, December 20, 2016

#Wikidata - a country is not a dynasty

When a "country" comes into being, it is after a struggle. In the same way when a "country" comes to an end, it is after a struggle. The same is true for dynasties; when a royal line comes to a start or an end, it is not without a struggle. However sometimes in a country there is continuation and one dynasty follows a previous one. Several dynasties succeeded each other in the Delhi Sultanate. The "country" finally ended with the last of the Lodi dynasty.

So when a country knows only one dynasty and starts and ends with that dynasty, it does not make the dynasty the country. Making up a name for a country is easy; when these monarchs are called "king" it is a kingdom, when they are a "sultan", it is a sultanate.

If there is one drawback, it is that there might be a name for that country in the languages of the people who were linked to it. For this reason all the countries that I am about to create may be prime suspects for a merger.. The item, not the country :)

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