Sunday, January 01, 2017

#Wikidata - Kings of #Israel and kings of that time.

When you ask: what kings lived around the year 0 east of Bethlehem, it seems obvious that Wikidata can only provide monarchs who lived around that time. Another perhaps better approach is to seek monarchs that were actually ruling at that time. This because it is better known when these people held office than when they were born.

Historically, the Jews did have their own kings; Saul, David, Solomon are the best known. There was no continuous lineage until king Herod. There were separate kings for Israel and Judah and from 140 BCE–37 BCE the Hasmonean dynasty ruled.

It is really interesting to know what rulers lived when and where and who were their contemporaries. But for it to make sense you want a display similar to the one I reported on before. It also means that some falsifications to what I perceive as the truth are removed. These kings of Judah are known as kings of Israel. They were not. Only by separating them out do you get a perspective that is historically correct. The problem is that you may get into a fight with religious people. They care for a name; was David for instance king of Judah or king of Israel.. (The Israelite revolted)..

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