Monday, June 27, 2005

To what length do you need to go to convince people

I am propably the official spokesperson for the Ultimate Wiktionary. It is this default thing; I came up with the idea and I carried it forward, found the needed funding and I do a lot of the evangelising. When I started with UW I had to learn a lot and I did. I do not expect that I have finished learning but anyway ..

There is this thing with convincing people, to what length should you go. To what length do you want to go to make people buy into an idea? My time is valuable in that I can spend it only once and if I spend too much time arguing I do not speak with people who have idea's on how things can be done. Arguing does not help the project when the result is not positive.

There are people who insist that I do everything by IRC or e-mail while I prefer to skype as it gives me better feed-back. There are people who are only interested in a tiny specific part of Wiktionary.. only English seems to be relevant to some. There are people who think they quote me and say things I would never say.

Basically, to me there are three groups. People who understand what I am saying, people who want to understand what I am saying and people who for whatever reason do not want to hear what I say or cannot understand what I say. With the first two groups I can talk. We do not have to agree but there is this basis of understanding. With the last group who can be quiet vocal, I find that they waste my time.

The problem is, there is always the off-chance that it is me who does not hear what they are saying. It may be a dilemma where there is no good solution. When I can adress the problem why they do not hear or understand what they say they may become part of the people that become relevant... So, how much time to spend on this and how much to spend on new things.

Spending time on new things is a hazard in itself. It moves me even further away from the people who find it hard to hear / understand what I am on about..

I think I will add the word "frustratie" to the nl.wiktionary..


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