Sunday, August 14, 2005


Wikimania was an event. From my perspective it was great. We are going to have this weird and wonderfull thing that is going under the project name of "Ultimate Wiktionary" and given that we hope to merge our activities with the Logos project we may start with a cool 7 miljon and a bit of lemma's. We then still have to work out many details like the migration of the wiktionaries, the creation of a new community that is not logos or wiktionary but logos.wiktionary.

Wikimania was also important because it paved the way of including sign languages into the project. Wolfgang Georgsdorf gave a great presentation and together with Ascander we changed the data design to include sign languages as well. I learned that there are ISO-639 codes for sign languages as well :) .

When I came back I have worked hard to do many things that can be considered the fallout of the conference, I still have not finished to do all the things that I want to do. The nds thing did not go away and it does cost me my time. There are all kinds of things that I want to have done and I work on them. It is about priorities. Informing about what is going on is a priority, I did some work on the nl.wikimedia server. And now I finally have written here as well.

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