Wednesday, September 07, 2005


On the English Wiktionary they have this wonderfull resource called "Entry layout explained". It explains what is needed for the different content that is available on there. I just discovered it because it was mentioned on IRC.

For me it is a treasure trove. Because all the content described needs its place in the Ultimate Wiktionary. I have to think through how to add homophones. I have to think about how to have them as content. At this stage I do not need to concern myself with where it will end up in the actual screens. I have to have it in the database.

Homophones led to the most drastic change in a long time. I divorced Relations from Meanings. Now RelationType is connected to the Table table. This in effect allows me to use the Relation table in combination with Words as well. This gives me right and rite as homophones

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