Monday, November 28, 2005

Content looking to be seen

If there are good reasons to share lexicological content, the best seems to me that it makes what you have to share more relevant. Some content does not really need more exposure but the effort of professor Rennison for the Koromfe language is one such. The language is not well known; it does not even have an article by that name in Wikipedia. Even the Koromba people (indigenous in Burkina Faso) do not have their article yet..

Professor Rennison, who worked some twenty years on the Koromfe language, made his resource more relevant by suplying not only an English but also a French and German translation to the Koromfe idiom. Consequently his data is more accessible. At this time, Ultimate Wiktionary is little more than a promiss. It will be great if it can be a place where we can give the Koromfe language a place that is as important as any other language.


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