Thursday, March 22, 2007

Citizendium and licensing

In yet another diatribe Dr Sanger informs us about the differences between Wikipedia and Citizendium.

The thing that struck me most are two things; contributors have to give a non-exclusive license to Citizendium AND the license is now to be the Creative Commons CC-by-nc license. The consequence is that only the Citizendium organisation can license commercial use, obviously for a price. They assume that as it is to be written by experts it will have value. It also means that once licensed, the licensee can do whatever.

When you compare Citizendium with Wikipedia, you have an English only versus a multi-lingual project. You have a project that covers almost everything and a project with a few thousand articles. You have a Free project and a project that is increasingly restrictive. You have a project that informs the world with NPOV information and a project that is to be written by experts.

Really I think Dr Sanger is doing a great job promoting Wikipedia by increasing the differences.

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