Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This is the 500th entry on this blog. It started on April ninth 2005, things progressed since then. At the time I wished for more people becoming part of the Wiktionary crowd at this time I think the Wiktionary aproach is obsolete and I consider OmegaWiki a more healthy approach.

The subjects that I have been written about have changed over time, I am still involved in the Farsi language; I now have a book that will help me learn to read Farsi, I am now looking for a typing tutor for the Persian keyboard layout. Sign languages are more on my mind as well, I am really looking forward to the process of getting the American Sign Language its Wikipedia.

When I read the many issues that I raised, I find that many are still there. People still fight over what languages we are to recognise and adopt. There are still projects that use a code that should not be theirs to use. Babel information is still this stupid template driven thing that is locked within the confines of individual wikis.

Many things have come a long way, the development of OmegaWiki is now reaching mark II. The Wikiprofessional is actually there and even better, it is useful. The localisation of MediaWiki is now considered to be relevant, there are now over 300 languages supported in Betawiki.

It took me three years to write these 500 blog entries. Things will be different in three years time. I hope to be able to converse in Farsi, I expect that Commons will have multi language support. We will still be struggling to keep MediaWiki localised and I am sure there will be enough good and bad to write about.
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