Wednesday, June 24, 2009

African localisation

The last three days I have been to OTT'09, the open translation tools 2009. It has been interesting so far. Given that it is about OPEN translation tools, the public is quite amazing. You have people who are about content, people who professionally translate, people who localise software and people who write tools to support all that.

One of the people I am always happy to meet is Dwayne Bailey of Dwayne was leading a session on translation and localisation in Africa and for me it confirmed many of the things I think I know but it brought also a new opportunity. I learned about ANLOC, the African network for localisation, one of the things I find awesome is that they have defined requirements for a minimal support for African languages.

The requirements can be on many levels and the cool thing is that with these requirements a website can be assessed. I would really welcome Wikipedia or better even MediaWiki to be assessed.
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