Thursday, June 17, 2010

Congratulations on your weddingday

When two people marry, it is an occasion celebrated by family and friends. Many people will come to congratulate and others not able to come congratulate by sending a card.

When this blog post is published, my nephew Jan will marry his wife Marion. I am grateful to Stefan, Valerie and Charles with these beautiful marriage cards.

These cards are in American and in German Sign Language, for me they show that SignWriting is indeed a script that is used for normal and special occasions. There might have been a card in Vulcan Sign Language, with a text like "Live long and prosper".

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Anonymous said...


Those look like some very happy smileys :-) We had no idea they could be so expressive. Thanks to Stefan, Valerie and Charles for teaching us the sign for marriage. We are deeply moved by your cards.

Jan and Marion