Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Learning a new #script .. #Arabic

As I am learning a new language with a script that is new to me, I find the Internet not yet the resource it is in languages for the Latin script.

There are several obstacles; I have to configure my computing devices for the Arabic script and keyboard. I have to find the characters on my keyboard and only when I do will I get the facility that I need.

The one thing that would make my day is to have a typing tutor that is ready for an international public. This means that the instructions are available in multiple languages for the same input method for the same language. When these parts are separated from the code, there are three specific parts.
  • the user interface
  • the exercises
  • the input method or keyboard layout itself
This allows the same software to be used for multiple input methods and scripts / languages. The software can be localised at translatewiki.net and the typing tutor can be distributed with the input methods themselves. 

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