Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A #font for people with #dyslexia II

The good news is: the Open-Dyslexic font will be part of the initial roll out of the "universal language selector". The font is already available for some 25 languages on Wikidata and where the "universal language selector" is already deployed. These languages are listed below.
  • en - English,
  • af - Afrikaans
  • ca - Catalan
  • cy - Welsh
  • da - Danish
  • de - German
  • es - Spanish
  • et - Estonian
  • fi - Finnish
  • fo - Faerours
  • fr - French
  • ga - Irish
  • gd - Scottish Gaelic
  • hu - Hungarian
  • is - Icelandic
  • it - Italian
  • lb - Luxembourgisch
  • mi - Maori
  • ms - Malay
  • oc - Occitan
  • pt - Portuguese
  • sq - Albanian
  • sv - Swedish
  • sw - Swahili
  • tr - Turkish
  • wa - Walonian
Many languages are missing in the list. For me the lack of nl - Dutch is obvious. But I do not have to break a sweat to come up with languages like sr-Latn id tl li gl fy sl. Languages like Indonesian or Tagalog are spoken by hundreds of millions of people. 

When you consider that languages with special characters like Icelandic and French are in this list it is obvious that many more languages are already supported by this font. When you consider that the WMF has good relations with the creator of the font it is more than likely that missing characters for your language can be added  to the font.

So check out first if all the characters used in your language are supported by the Open-Dyslexic font. If it is, ask for it to be enabled either by making the request on the support page of or by requesting them on bugzilla. You can also send a mail with this happy news to all the teachers you know. When it is not, identify the missing characters and, ask nicely for them to be added.

Open Source is such a wonderful enabler. Consider; not only is this font available to all the teachers and the sufferers of dyslexia, it is also available for use on websites like Wikipedia. Given that our aim is to share in the sum of all knowledge this is an important step in the right direction.

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Michael Everson said...

That is a very small character set.