Thursday, March 10, 2016

#Wikimedia - Learning from #Google #search

When the Wikimedia Foundation is to learn one thing from Google to improve its search, you can find the basics in the above image. When you consider it carefully, it is all about compartmentalising. What Google offers are distinct categories of results and, these categories exist in our projects as well.

  • The first tab would provide our current search results. No investment needed.
  • The second tab is images.. A massive amount of work is needed to make it useful but hey, we have it on Commons. So why not offer it. As people start to use it, we can tweak it, improve it 
  • The third tab is videos.. 
  • Maps is something we could do. We should do it in cooperation with OpenStreetMap and go from there
  • News.. why not, it will be a shot in the arm for Wikinews
  • We could have results for Wikidata.. It will be usable certainly when it is done in a Reaonator kind of way..
We do not need much funding to provide search in this way. We will do a better job at fulfilling our mission. What do you think?

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