Tuesday, June 21, 2016

#Wikidata - the Lange-Taylor Prize

Wikidata knows about many awards and it is a challenge to make the information available but it is even harder to keep them up to date. An example is the Lange-Taylor Prize,

Have a look at the English Wikipedia article, strictly speaking it is not  a list. It is a mish mash. To make this a "proper" Wikidata list, it helps when the "point in time" is added to the award winners. It helps when they are completed. Michel Huneault is the 2015 winner, he or she has to be added as an item to Wikidata and, he is not the only award winner who does not have a red link or an item.

Adding the point in time as a qualifier has an additional relevance. It becomes possible to build a query with no award winners for 2015. When it is missing and this happens a lot both in Wikipedia and Wikidata, we can check the website for the award and maybe find a 2016 winner as well.

As it is, the English article is a stub. There are missing links for instance to Mrs Katherine Dunn. Adding all this info to Wikidata makes improves the quality of its data but it makes it also possible to incorporate this list on both the English and the Czech Wikipedia.

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