Friday, July 27, 2018

#Wikidata - I do not use query and here is why

When I edit Wikidata, I never use queries and here is why. I do not need them. For instance, I added an award to a person because it was obvious it was missing. I had no need for a query because everything that I wanted to know about the award was visible.

When you use query, you have to use a tool, define a query, run it, maybe tune it and then analyse the results. Using my beloved Reasonator, all the queries that I need are included. This is the same award and the same person but in the standard user interface of Wikidata. It is not informative, I only use it to edit.

A person wanting to teach Wikidata asked how do I structure a program? The first thing proposed was teach them to query. I agree that query is important, it has its use cases but it should not be the first introduction to Wikidata because it makes it too complicated at the start and even worse it is not necessary.

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