Sunday, July 12, 2020

Telling the story of governors of Mozambique

As part of my Africa project I look for political positions like Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers and now also Governors. I started with provinces et al because a South African minister of health of a province was considered to be not notable enough.

With Wikilambda or if you wish "Abstract Wikipedia" being a thing it is important to consider how the story is told. The bare bones of a story already shows in Reasonator. Most of the Mozambican governors are new to Wikidata. They have a position of  "governor of their state", a start and end date and as applicable a predecessor and a successor. Obviously they are politician and Mozambican.

This time I had to go for the Portuguese Wikipedia for a source. There is a list mixed with colonial governors and they need to fit a different mold. They are Portuguese and arguably they are not politicians but administrators. 

What I am eager to learn is how Wikilambda will be able to tell these stories. How it will expand the stories as more is known. I wonder if a tool like ShEx will play a role. Anyway, good times.

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