Saturday, April 08, 2023

@WDScholia, proficiat Prof @DrSarahNull

 On Twitter it was announced that Sarah E. Null will be a professor at USU Watershed Sciences. Hydrology will prove to be a subject of even more importance. This subject has my interest so I checked out her entry in Wikidata.

Identifiers are really important, so I added her Twitter handle and her Google Scholar ID. Her Scholia showed what papers were known and I clicked "improve data" to disambiguate additional publications and link them to her Wikidata entry.

Google Scholar provides information of her publications and I added one paper to Wikidata; "Prolonged and Severe Drought in the Most Dammed Tributaries of the Lower Mekong Basin". It has 8 authors and only four have an ORCiD identifier, three did not have a Wikidata entry. Now they do and their ORCiD identifier makes them unique.

Typically I add several publications when I concentrate on a person. When I stop, I often revisit the "improve data" part of a Scholia to add missing co-authors. Of particular interest are the ones who are missing the most. They have the biggest impact on the "Co-author graph", making it more complex. Jay R. Lund is missing as a co-author ans so is J. R. Lund. Wikidata knew a "Jay Lund" and a "Jay R. Lund", they have been merged and I was then possible to attribute the missing publications for Jay R. Lund. After all this, Prof Null is no longer the only known author on seven papers. :) A bit diapointing so I added one other co-author for now; Marcelo A. Olivares. Others will creep in as more work is done in the future. 



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