Monday, September 01, 2008

A proud moment

I received an e-mail about my publication on Genome Biology. The message is that the article that I am one of the authors off is being well read. Some 13.919 people have read it from the Genome Biology website and it is now rated as "highly accessed" relative to age.  This number does not include any of the readers who came to the article through Pubmed Central or other archive sites.

This article is of interest to the Wiki world for several reasons; there are a few other authors to this article that have a certain reputation in this world but more importantly, I want you to have a look at the semantic support that is provided by Wikiprofessional to the English language Wikipedia. Consider for instance the article Malaria, when you look at it with the "Concept Web Linker" a wealth of information is provided to the article.

Currently only English is supported. Support for Spanish and Portuguese is being developed and, we would love to include more languages. We are making a shortlist of languages Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Arabic are already on there ... for personal reasons I would love to see Farsi included..
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