Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reconstructing the politics of days gone by

The Dutch National Archive and #Spaarnestad photo have announced that they are going to provide the Dutch Wikimedians with a selection of some 1000 pictures that will cover particularly Dutch politics and politicians.

The selection that will be provided may be small but the quality will be awesome. Not only will it it cover many Dutch politicians, it will cover them in many of the deciding moments like the "nacht van Schmelzer", the formation of a government in 1977. The pictures will be from the ANEFO press collection, a Dutch press agency that operated from 1943 to 1989.

Prime minister Den Uyl and minister van Kemenade
in the game show "twee voor twaalf"
What makes this donation particularly exciting is the way in which it will be presented; on September 13 there will be an event where several politicians will be interviewed about their personal memories of the events depicted in the pictures.

It will be a fun meeting as not only will they go on record, it provides perfect information with these pictures. I hope to see you at the International Press centre Nieuwspoort for what is sure to be a perfect occasion.


Anonymous said...

This sounds awesome, Gerard. Thank you for sharing. Do you already have knowledge of the quality of the images that will be released? Of course we hope that it will be very high resolution, so that in group pictures, the individual portraits can be used as derivative works :).

Robs blog said...

I really would like to join you on September 13 to Nieuwspoort, if I may, Gerard.