Monday, July 12, 2010

Back home after #Wikimania

I am at home from Gdansk. I loved Wikimania. I have been utterly selfish; I have not blogged for a number of days.

Wikimania season started with the arrival of the wonderful pfctdayelise at my home. It was hot and we did sensible things like swimming and touring a bit. Now that I need comfort food, I am eating the TimTams she brought for me.

The trip to Gdansk was by car with two wonderful Wikimedians. The road to Gdansk brought us many interesting observations, I missed most of those on the way back as I was mostly producing zzzzzzzz.

I am so happy that the talks, panels were recorded; I could just go and talk to people and I can watch the talks at my leisure. I am bold enough to send e-mails when I have questions and it is timely enough when I blog about them because there has been little blogging about Wikimania this time.

So I am home, tired, on comfort food. Thinking happily of all the people that I met and spoke with. Being sad that I did not find the time to speak at length with many old friends. There is always skype, e-mail, IRC and there is Haifa next year.
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