Thursday, June 02, 2011

The "Communist Manifesto" does #Wikisource

It is in the news in India that the #Communist Manifesto has its place in Wikipedia. They are right. Not only are there sixty nine articles, the Communist Manifesto itself can be found in Wikisource.

It is a good thing; when you want to learn about communism, you will find that good quality information is available to you. Making good unbiased information available to you is what we do at the Wikimedia Foundation.

The reason why this is in the news in India, is because recently a lot of work has gone into making the Communist Manifesto in Malayalam digitally available in Wikisource. Finishing touches are going into this work and, you know what? There is much more that can be done and will be done to bring the sum of all knowledge to the people of our world.
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