Thursday, June 09, 2011

#Women orient themselves on the #society

A long time ago, Dutch feminist organisations developed a course that was aimed to emancipate housewives; stay at home mums.
It taught them how Dutch society was organised, how they could involve themselves. It included basis skills like how to read a newspaper and informed about the social issues of the day.

Some thirty, forty years later, the material is still used by women who taught it at the time. The organisations who held the copyright are thought to no longer exist.

The original public of Dutch housewives has been largely replaced by immigrant housewives. Many of them are reasonably proficient in their Dutch, many of them are eager to move on, out of their house and into society.

With the "VOS course" in a digital format, there is a need for a place to store it. There is a need for a place to modernise it, there is a need to share it with whoever is looking for training material.

Wikisource is considered as a place. A promise has been made to seek out if there are people or organisations who can claim copyright. In the mean time women with a big investment in this material consider the Wikimedia Foundation as a place where they could fit in.
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