Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Blame the foreigner, blame the victim

Like many other countries, the Netherlands is governed by a religious and right wing government. In the Netherlands traditionally there is no party in overall control. The current government is in power because a xenophobic party will not vote the existing minority home.

The Christian party, nominally a party entertaining Christian values let it be known that it understands the fear of the foreigner and, that this sentiment should not be left only to the populist parties... By declaring their solidarity against Islam, they destroy their reason for being; the existence of special rights for religious practice, for their religious practice.

Yesterday we learned about this Christian message, it was probably meant to counteract the growing sense of unease in the practice of Christian values. Today there are massive demonstrations against the cuts in the psychiatric care. Such care is often needed to treat the refugees who fled their country for the abuse they suffered. Such care rehabilitates people and these people in turn take their place among the best and the brightest in the Netherlands.

Providing care to those who need it is a value that is part of any religion. By providing care to those who need it a good man distinguishes himself, never mind if he is religious. But when you claim to be religious, it must be problematic that the ultimate reckoning is not in this life.
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