Sunday, June 19, 2011

Promoting #Malaysia on #Wikipedia

A story at #Slashdot has it that for six #Facebook pages an astounding $600,000.- was spend by the government of Malaysia. Only six pages... and it will be interesting to learn how they will get sufficient interest for what they have to say on only six pages.

Spending a similar amount of money wisely to promote Malaysia on Wikipedia will not only have a measurable impact the impact will be sustained over a long time.

I am sure the Malaysian government already has a wealth of pictures about Malaysia, not only the pictures that may draw tourists to Malaysia but also the historic pictures, the film footage and material from archives and museums. All this can be made available without spending much money.

When Malaysia would be determined to spend $600K, it could have a photo competition about its land marks, its nature, its monuments. At the same time it could have a competition having people write Wikipedia articles in its many languages.

It would work and we can provide the statistics that prove it.
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