Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Why libraries

A #library is not only the place where you can borrow a book to read at your leisure. It is also a place where many children work on their homework, where people come to read their newspaper, a place where you can read the sources of interesting Wikipedia articles.

A library is also a place where parents bring their children to look for their next bedtime reading stories. It is where the love for language, for the written word is formed. When kids have free access to everything that makes a library, it is a place where kids will frequent during their formative years and where they will bring their kids for their bedtime reading stories as well.

For this to work, you need the libraries. The buildings where a friendly librarian helps people find their way to relevant information. In this day and age where e-books are increasingly popular, the rationale for a library as the place for books seems obsolete. However, all these other aspects of libraries are the real reason for libraries.

Let us hope that the library will be allowed to morph and remain the place where the love for the written word can be found by our future generations.
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