Monday, June 06, 2011

#CTM11 #Wikipedia invited to "The Museum and You"

As our #GLAM outreach is gaining its impact, the Museum world is increasingly interested what it is that makes collaboration in Wikipedia and Commons so attractive. Several of our best and brightest will come to "The Museum and You"  conference in Düsseldorf.

At the event there will be a Wikimedia lounge where people will be able to find us. One of the keynote presentations will be given by Matthew Cock who was Liam's supervisor at the British Museum.

When you look at the list of participants, they are from all over Europe, some from countries with and others without Wikimedia chapters but all of them representing our cultural heritage.

It will be great fun, not only because such conferences provide wonderful opportunities to learn and meet people but also because you never know with whom we will be making a difference.
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