Monday, August 08, 2011

#Wikimania was great, WikiIndia is in November

Wikimania was great. It was awesome, great organisation, great ambiance, great people to meet. It has come and gone and now I am really looking forward to the presentations I have missed. All in all I was impressed; a big thank you to all the people whose hard work made it the success it was.

In November there will be another important Wiki conference. Wiki Conference India will be three days packed with all things relevant to India, the Indic language Wikipedias and how to raise awareness for our projects in India.

This conference will not be a mini Wikimania in India, it will be much more centred to the languages and countries of what used to be the British Raj. One reason is that countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and Myanmar very much face the same issues. It is hoped that this conference will help them as much as any of the Wikimedians in India proper.

At this time there a "request for papers" has gone out. It means that we like to hear from people who want to present at the Wiki Conference India. :)  Talks about how to improve facts about India on the English Wikipedia will certainly be considered. :)
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