Sunday, January 22, 2012

#Mifos in #Georgia

One of the projects at that has its own dynamic is Mifos. It does not just rely on the existing community of translators and it no longer relies on the Grameen foundation for further development. It is now developed by a community of developers with SolDevelo in Poland taking a lead role and implementing new features.

When you follow the translations for Mifos, you will find that the localisation for Georgian is well organised and largely done and that Mongolian is being started. At the same time, localisations in languages like Dutch, Hungarian, Khmer and Tagalog are doing fine.

Mifos is doing fine; its customers are asked for what they feel Mifos is lacking, there are several cloud implementations of the software and with a growing number of organisations implementing the software, more people have access to basic banking.
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