Saturday, January 14, 2012

The object of objects

The Museo del Objeto del Objeto is the latest museum that contributed pictures to Commons. This is a museum from Mexico and it is a museum about objects. Objects that are used in everyday live and particularly objects that are used in Mexico.

When you think of it, many objects that played a major role in the early parts of your life are now obsolete, they have been replaced by later iterations or just went away. Some of these objects still exist and for some, people have to guess what they were used for. A museum that saves such objects is exactly the kind of museum that has pictures that are easy to use in our Wikipedia articles buy are hard to categorise. 

The picture of the Dromedary cigarettes is the one I like best. It looks like the Camel cigarettes package and it actually has a camel in the picture. It is as wrong as the Camel package because that does show a dromedary.

Anyway, enjoy the first contribution by the Museo del Objeto del Objeto.

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